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20 Years On

9 Jul 2015

Today is an extraordinary day and, for me I have to admit, a rather emotional one - by Chris Klopper.

It is the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Mulberry Marketing Communications.

When I turned down job offers that would have offered a safe but unfulfilling future; when I sold my house to set up Mulberry with very limited funding and without a client in the bag; when we established Mulberry in one of the most expensive areas of London from the get-go; well frankly a lot of people thought I was out of my mind.

It is amazing to think about how far Mulberry has come since then, and what we have achieved is little short of remarkable:

·       Mulberry has helped turn start-ups into billion dollar companies
·       Mulberry has driven the expansion of client companies into new markets and geographies
·       Mulberry has opened offices on five different continents – and had the
·       courage to close some that weren’t working out too
·       Mulberry’s work has engaged audiences in over 80 countries world-wide
·       Mulberry campaigns have resonated with Fortune 500 CEO’s as well as those on the shop-floor
·       Mulberry has remained true to our original core value of providing outstanding client service
·       Mulberry has beaten some of the best known firms in our business in pitches (and lost to them too but we definitely learnt from the experience)
·       Mulberry has given an education to hundreds of impoverished Asian children who probably otherwise would not have received one through Mulberry Learning Center in Southern Thailand
·       Mulberry has provided a workplace where people of all creeds, colours, orientations have worked productively and peacefully together
·       Mulberry has never, ever lost a colleague due to a lack of work or poor financial management even at the height of the Global Financial Crisis
·       Yet I am all too aware that none of this could have happened without the trust and confidence of some amazing clients who inspired us to give our very best work and rewarded us with myriad new opportunities.

It definitely couldn’t have happened without the talent and dedication of the “Mulberries” past and present either.  It speaks volumes for the ethos, values, vision and camaraderie at Mulberry that enduring friendships have been forged.

And nor could it have happened without the generosity of spirit and expertise of many other individuals and organisations that we have been lucky enough to encounter or collaborate with over the years.

Today though, I am thinking more about Mulberry's future than its past.

I believe marketing and communications will evolve faster in the next 10 years than it ever has before. In the coming years, Mulberry has the opportunity to help, and become ever more critically relevant to, even more organisations around the world.

Our service offering is already radically growing and will continue to do so. We will never hesitate to develop or add talent as and where we need it to best serve our clients. We will open up offices wherever client opportunity demands we be present.

We have achieved so much together during our first 20 years. We’ve helped countless clients businesses to grow and enabled our Mulberry colleagues to realise their full potential.

But what matters most to me now is what we do, and where we go, next.

My commitment to Mulberry remains absolute. My ambition for Mulberry is infinite. I am humbled by the quality of the team that I have the privilege to lead. And I am inspired and incredibly motivated by the calibre of clients that have chosen Mulberry. I know we can achieve SO much more together.

Whatever your contribution, large or small, direct or indirect, a huge “thank you” for helping make Mulberry a truly fantastic company now, and for decades to come.