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Mulberry helps Cintas shine spotlight on heart of the school

2 Mar 2017

After receiving more than 500,000 public votes in 2016, Mulberry is on track to drive record numbers in the 2017 Cintas Janitor of the Year contest as it has more than doubled the number of nominations received.

Created to drive national awareness of Cintas Corporation’s Facility Services division, the Cintas Janitor of the Year contest shines a spotlight on hardworking school janitors and the important role they play in keeping educational facilities clean and healthy year-round for students and staff. After the launch of the contest in 2013, Cintas now offers a prize package of $5,000 for the winning janitor, $5,000 in products and services for the winning school and $500 for the additional top nine finalists.

This heartwarming and media-friendly contest has received nationwide interest, including a front-page story in the Seattle Times, and hundreds of print, television and online stories, including a placement in People Magazine online.