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Mulberry EMEA: Mulberry Spark Celebration with Renley Account Win

20 Nov 2018

Mulberry has been chosen by Renley, the Dublin-based designers and manufacturers of low and medium voltage networks for the electric distribution industry, to undertake their corporate rebranding. This project will include the design of a new logo and a full website rebuild with the aim of reflecting the company’s Irish heritage and status in the industry, while also conveying to customers Renley’s commitment to the continual improvement of their products and services.

Mulberry is charged with enhancing the clarity of Renley’s website to provide a fresh showcase for the company’s products and to deliver a clean and up-to-date user experience to underpin how innovation is at the core of the company’s solutions. In addition, the initial brief requires the management of a major utility industry event to showcase the rebranding which includes the creation of a range of marketing collateral to further drive Renley’s new messaging.

With Renley’s success over fifty years built on a process of close collaboration and personal relationships, there is a considerable synergy with Mulberry’s approach that augurs well for the success of this project.

“It is a pleasure to confirm Renley as a new client in what is a particularly exciting time for the company. Developing Renley’s new branding, while retaining their distinctive Irish identity and the strengths that have built their reputation in the electricity distribution industry, is a challenge that Mulberry is well-equipped to achieve. We also look forward to developing a range of targeted communication initiatives as the company seek to promote their innovative product design and manufacturing capability in new markets,” says Matthew Howells, Mulberry’s European Director.