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The project brief for Mulberry was to deliver a website dedicated to delivering practical, tailored solutions to the kinds of cleaning problems that typically confront small business owners on a daily basis. To provide this information in a clean, uncluttered visual style to fulfil the ambition of creating an easily accessed online library/archive of relevant and focussed tips. The expectation being that this will build over time in to a powerful resource of concise, practical help for small businesses; all the while disseminating awareness of the Diversey Care brand and products. 


We built the platform on SilverStripe as it delivers the most appropriate CMS solution for a website. The site was created in 22 different languages for 19 countries through one CMS.

The site integrates a number of other key elements, including a GEO Redirect feature which acts as a global product filter. When the user chooses a solution to their problem the redirect picks up their location and takes them to their relevant language site. 

Two other notable features include the extensive Choose Product - Filtering System product finder. This selects products via filter fields such as, suitable characteristics and appropriate usage. The next is the Ask an Expert feature which incorporates an interactive modal facilitating the 24 hour turnaround of targeted advice from the Diversey Care team.

The Virtual Reality integration into the site allows navigation around four common small business locations where cleaning problems are heightened including: the Bar, the Kitchen, the Washroom and the Office. The problem areas are identified and products selected to solve these issues.

Judith van Til
Global Marketing Director Consumer Brands

“We are very happy with the results and cannot wait to build further on it.”