The Mulberry Event Optimization Tool

Events and exhibitions have always been a vital tool for the B2B Marketer.
However, they inevitably produce mixed feelings…
Any sense of anticipation can soon be undermined by a realization of what you have to do in a relatively short period of time. This becomes doubly imposing, as you still need to achieve all of your regular day-to-day tasks simultaneously.

Are You Left With That After the Event Feeling?

Organizing your attendance at a key industry event may be the biggest project you have ever undertaken.
Or it might be a demanding process that you implement a number of times every year.
Regardless of your level of experience or intentions, does an event always seem to eat up all of your time? Are you left afterwards with a sense of anti-climax?

So Much in – So Little Out?

As a result, even the justification for doing the events themselves has increasingly come into question.
It’s as if no matter how much you throw at it, your event never delivers the kind of results that justify your efforts, or the expense.
One nagging question always remains… Are you sure you’ve done everything possible to ensure success?

Mulberry Can Answer Your Questions

Consider your two key pre-event questions:

• How can we justify what we’re spending?
• What exactly do we get out of it?

These questions can be answered.
Your ROI payback must be planned for and delivered.
At Mulberry, we have developed a tool that does this.
And even though we’re a highly creative agency, we call it simply – the Mulberry Event Optimization Tool as it does what it claims.

Take Our 6-5-4 Route to Event Success

At its core the Event Optimization Tool is a process that’s built and fine-tuned on our experience, insights, social media, and B2B communications skills.
The integrated process starts SIX months before the show…
It incorporates a series of FIVE creative approaches:
• Traditional PR
• Prompt social media engagement
• Press engagement
• Prospect follow-ups
• And the launch, or relaunch of a product

… And completes FOUR weeks after.

ROI – The First Priority

The process begins once we agree and set your ROI measures.
These are the key ingredients. And like all ingredients they vary according to taste. So, we tailor them from a deep understanding of your needs.
These involve some, or all of the following, depending on the extent that suits you best.
We drive engagement with your internal sales team, your existing customers, the trade press and influencers; and the trade sector overall.
Mulberry’s Event Optimization Tool continues to ensure this by:
• Optimizing excitement around the show
• Creating ‘buzz generation’ by developing cut-through activations and promotion through social channels
• Increasing prospect engagement
• Employing data capture and profiling
• Delivering post-event media coverage

A Focused Process

There’s nothing random about these ingredients…
Our process has developed through the creation of specific mechanics and approaches that work and which we have developed for different sectors and budgets.
It all puts your brand and your people at the heart of the campaign.

Return on Events

Let’s demonstrate the value of our Event Optimization Tool:
• For one PPE Client we improved the results by a factor of 3 when compared to a previous show.
• For a Heavy-Duty Machinery Manufacturer, we delivered 10 times the qualified leads from a previous show.

So for any member of your team who says – Ah well, there’s always next year…

The Mulberry Event Optimization Tool will ensure you make the impact that matches your efforts. It will build momentum to achieve your goals of gaining new business, increasing revenue, generating leads, and in gaining a competitive advantage.
Make your event an ‘EVENT’ for all the right reasons, by contacting Mulberry today: