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Mulberry Marketing Communications client satisfaction survey 2016

23 Sep 2016

Mulberry has published the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey. Customer feedback was wholly positive with 80% being pleased with their return on investment.

The survey was started with the question “Does Mulberry understand your business objectives and is the agency aligned with those objectives?” 98% of its clients felt Mulberry understood their business and were aligned with their objectives. “As a key part of we do we were very happy that our clients felt this way as if we don’t understand their company and its objectives, then we can’t service them effectively” commented Chris Klopper, Mulberry’s CEO.

This result was complimented by a 90% positive review when asked if Mulberry proactively offered new communications ideas to help those business objectives.

One of Mulberry’s main aims is to ensure clients receive a high level of personal dedication and an individually bespoke service. This was clearly reflected in the survey by 98% of clients rating Mulberry as easy to work with and 94% stating they received senior level attention.

Finally, clients we asked what they thought of the services Mulberry offer. With 5 being outstanding and 1 being poor, Mulberry were graded an average of 4 across all services, with 9 individual categories being scored.

To summarize, with 94% of Mulberry’s clients stated they were likely to recommend Mulberry to a friend or colleague, it looks like another year of success for the Mulberry team.