Meet the Mulberries: Izabella Dubanski

Meet Izabella Dubanski

Meet Izabella Dubanski: Graphic Designer

Izabella Dubanski, Graphic Designer in Mulberry’s Chicago office, talks travel and her favorite things about Chicago. 

What is your favorite activity in Chicago?

I am very fascinated and impressed by the different architecture the city has to offer. One of my favorite things to do is take the Chicago River Cruise through the North and South Branches all the way to the Main Stem. Whether on a small craft surrounded by companionship of friends, or on a public boat cruise, the twilight tour of the river is simply breathtaking. The contrast of modern and historic skyscrapers visually expresses the awesome history this city has to offer.

If you could learn one new professional skill, what would it be?

Coding is something I would definitely want to learn more about. Today the whole world evolves around the internet and virtual progress. I know the general idea of coding because I have taken a class before but never dove into it deeper. It would be great to look on the backend of web development and be well versed on the details.

What work programs, platforms, tools can you not survive without?

Adobe Creative Suite is the software I absolutely could not survive without. I love to use Illustrator, it is one of my favorite design programs.

What’s been your favorite place to travel?

Cuba is hands down my favorite place I have traveled to thus far. In 2019, I visited the beautiful and rich-in-history city of Havana, along with the breathtaking caves and mountains in the countryside. The food, music, kindness of people, the history and culture were truly amazing. There is no place like it!

What place is next on your travel bucket list?

Because of the natural beauty and ancient history, Greece and its islands in the Mediterranean is what I hope to be my next adventure. I love learning about history and culture, trying authentic cuisine and exploring new places.