Mulberry Releases E-book for Creating and Promoting High-value Content

CHICAGO (March 29, 2021) – Mulberry Marketing Communications’ latest free e-book, “How to Pivot your Marketing in the Wake of COVID-19” is now available. In addition to helping business-to-business organizations perfect the right tone for content, it offers recommendations for various forms of content to drive engagement, leads and brand loyalty.

“The pandemic has greatly changed the types of content people seek out, how they consume it and their engagement levels with B2B brands,” said Matt Serra, CEO, Mulberry. “Organizations that focus on creating high-value content and distributing it across the right channels set themselves up for success.”

The e-book offers best practices for refining content strategies, such as re-establishing campaign goals that include leveraging current trends. It also offers tips for creating high-value content to help organizations position themselves as industry leaders, reach more prospects and customers and enhance search engine optimization. Lastly, the guide includes suggestions for different types of content that brands can develop to bring their products, services and stories to life.

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