Our Commitment to Community

Mulberry has also helped Diversey develop and implement cutting-edge programs that target sustainability, resource and business savings. These have included the use of robotics and remote Internet of Things monitoring in the company’s Professional division, with its market disrupting TASKI vacuums – evidence of a sector where a by-product is relentless innovation. Our work has also helped to define an identity to combine aspiration and communality, internally and externally, for Diversey’s F&B division, where the post-pandemic ambition is summarised in the tagline – Protecting Life. Together.

Brands do not exist in vacuums. When production is ‘local’ across the world it is crucial that companies become a part of the communities. It’s by dealing with other by-products that Diversey is facing up to resource scarcity in admirable ways that are socially responsible and helping to benefit the communities in which they are active. Life-enhancing participation are watchwords for its Soap for Hope and Linens for Life initiatives, which recycle and refashion waste – soap remains and old linens respectively – otherwise discarded by the hospitality industry. This is the definition of all-encompassing CSR as these two initiatives create jobs, income and education that fuels respect, engagement and growth personally, and for the communities themselves.