Our Distinctive Expertise
  • Twenty five years of globally acknowledged thought leadership and specialism in sectors where health, hygiene, cleanliness, safety and the wellbeing of people are at the very core. Our messaging saves lives. This provides depth and resonance to our approach, with an existing empathy you can harness that recognises the broad impact and gravity of climate change issues, sustainability and resource scarcity on
    our collective futures.
  • The majority of our clients have a focus/impact on life’s fundamentals, such as: food, water and the environment in conjunction with chemicals, technology, heavy machinery, sanitation, cleaning and an acute emphasis on innovation. This means we have a well-rounded understanding of current debates which impact these and other sectors, as well as in the economic realities that surround these issues.
  • In the constantly developing areas of sustainability and environmental awareness, new solutions to challenges are an everyday occurrence. We are well-versed with innovation and in bringing unique new technologies to market that address the key issues in these arenas.
  • We have a combination of both a global and a local perspective. We’re big enough to enable but also small enough to care about the detail. This brings an acute PR awareness to messaging that guards your brand reputation. This is also reinforced by our in-house language expertise which ensures reliable trans-creation.
  • The creation and implementation of engaging campaigns which embody Mulberry’s agility in responding to disruption. Disruption is a common characteristic of innovation initiatives and a constant in the narrative of social, economic and environmental developments, which require equally the rapid assimilation of the impact of new research and schools of thought.
  • Providing fully integrated campaigns created with design, editorial, moving image and web development functions that are all conveniently situated in-house. These are delivered by a team culture that celebrates Mulberry’s personable approach, which aims to influence people with friendly persuasion,
    evidence and our commitment to show and tell.
  • In executive profiling that goes beyond the norm. Creating a campaign with a core message promoting individual and gender advancement that resonates with compassion, as well as through a detailed economic case. In addition, raising the status/awareness of an occupation on a global level through
    increasing visibility of purpose and social impact.
  • Developing a customised roadmap and best practice from scratch for clients with little or no expertise in identifying or implementing a CSR policy. From devising key words, to planning actions and instigating measurable achievement; for campaigns that are themselves also sustainable and cost-effective.
  • Our PR awareness informs our eye for relevant intelligence and news which can be reflected at speed to benefit and enhance ongoing campaigns.
  • Identifying sustainability trends through rigorous research, set-up and interpretation of essential data – while also employing targeted surveys to aid the implementation and recognition of your aims. This is undertaken in tandem with building strategy and determining the appropriate tone and style of assets that ensure you speak directly to employees, consumers and wider stakeholder’s concerns.