Sofidel Toilet Clog Research

Sofidel Toilet Clog Research


Paper is often viewed as a commodity purchase for businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Establishing and communicating a compelling messaging was a challenge for both Sofidel sales team members, and within the communications program. 

Sofidel turned to Mulberry to help drive awareness for Sofidel’s Bio Tech toilet paper to make price a lower buying factor. Bio Tech delivers ROI because it helps businesses eliminate the risk of toilet clogs by releasing safe enzymes that consume build up and waste in pipes once flushed.


Mulberry gathered end-user and buyer insights to establish the customer need and key message – and to demonstrate the value in investing in Bio-Tech. 

The research included:

  • Surveyed consumers on the impact toilet clogs have on brand perception
  • Conducted a survey at Seatrade, the world’s largest cruise industry tradeshow, targeting cruise line purchasing decision-makers
  • Conducted a survey at NRA Show, the largest gathering of restaurant and food service professionals
  • Conducted 800 telephone interviews with managers of top restaurant chains and independent restaurants on toilet paper spend and toilet clog frequency
  • Partnered with a reputation management software platform to analyze Yelp reviews of top restaurant brands to determine the frequency of complaints related to restrooms
  • Developed sales collateral, such as infographics, leveraging the research findings 
  • Promote the research to the industry and beyond through press releases and bylined articles


Power Claims

Developed Bio Tech power claims used across Sofidel collateral, sales presentations and external communications 

Media Coverage

Placements in: Cleaning & Maintenance Management, CleanLink, Modern Restaurant Management, Convenience Store Decisions, Cruise Industry News, Green Lodging News, Healthcare Facilities Today, Facilities Management and more


500,000+ coverage impressions

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