Howdy Melbourne

We are based in the heart of Melbourne – we like our home.

The team considers itself to be expert creative business problem solvers. In the one office, we have a fully integrated team of professionals who cross all disciplines – from strategy to moving image, digital to PR. All solutions are media-neutral and delivered throughout a clearly defined ‘path to success’.

Come in and meet us – we guarantee a thought-provoking session.

In the meantime, you’ll find a little insight on the team included below.

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Vice President, Asia Pacific

With over 15 years of international marketing, PR and communications experience, I take pride in developing and executing strategies that grow awareness and changes market perceptions of clients. I am passionate about developing narratives that connect clients with customers in the language they speak and on the channels that they are most active. The B2B communications landscape is rapidly changing, and helping clients evolve excites me on a daily basis.

Why the sausage dog?
Outside of work, I'm the personal manservant to a grumpy, but lovable dachshund. He has bad breath and the personality of a cantankerous 90-year-old man, but he’s also the best thing to waddle around on four legs.

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Digital Director

I specialise in marketing programs for foodservice businesses that want to increase their brand awareness, and ultimately sales, through direct social media and content marketing. The marketing landscape has changed a lot since I started out as a Public Relations Specialist back in 2013, so too have the needs of my clients. I’ve helped many transition away from traditional marketing towards more measurable digital marketing strategies.

Why the running shoes?
I'm always at my happiest adventuring in the outdoors – especially running and riding the many hidden trails around the Surf Coast where I live. This also allows me to pursue my other passion with even more enthusiasm – eating!

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Communications Director - Technology

I have more than 10 years’ experience as a marketing and communications professional. I've worked in agency, government and not-for-profit across both B2B and B2C, with global experience gained whilst living in the UK, Canada and Australia. I'm committed to delivering real results for clients through strong strategy, content, media relations, thought leadership positioning and digital marketing. I’ve also always loved words and this helps me craft copy for clients that gives them a voice that is meaningful to their target audiences.

Why the skis?
I became a bit obsessed with skiing during a two-year stint living in Canada. Since then, there’s been no stopping me from spending as much time in the mountains as possible – skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, trail running – and weaving these in with my love of travel.